Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take insurance?

Kids Belong does not take any insurance at this time.

How long is a counseling appointment?

Individual sessions last between 45-50 minutes.

Most group sessions will be 60 minutes long.

When I bring my child, where do I wait?

At Kids Belong, we do not have a formal waiting area. You can either wait in your car or we have a small kitchen area. You can also go across the street from the office to the Taco shop.

Are the parents present in the room during the session?

The sessions are only for the child to attend. However, as needed, with the permission of the child, parents may be invited to attend a session on a case to case basis.

When does the parent see the therapist?

You will be meeting the counselor/ therapist for the initial intake appointment. In addition, Uzma likes to visit with the parents regularly for parent consultations and parent support. Usually the parent’s consultation can be every 2-3 weeks.

However, if any time you need to talk to Uzma, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

When do you take payment for the session?

Payment is due after every session. Your credit card on file will be charged on the day of the session.

We require 24 hr notice for all cancellations. No shows and late cancellations will be charged the full rate.

Do I ask questions to my child about counseling after the session?

We discourage parents from inquiring with the child about the session. However, it is fine if a child self discloses.

What is the process of starting a counseling services for my child?

1. Please call the office or email to set up the initial intake appointment.

2. All paperwork will be then electronically emailed to you using a safe and secure HIPAA compliant site.

3. The therapist will arrange a date and time for your appointment to meet with you.

NOTE: At the 1st appointment, the therapist will ONLY meet with the parents/ caregivers and not the child.

What does my child wear to the sessions?

We encourage for the child to wear comfortable clothing. Sometimes sessions can be messy in the play and art room, therefore we encourage your kiddo to wear appropriate clothing.

What do I tell my child about seeing a play therapist?

Kids Belong believes that play is a natural part of a child’s world. It is a good idea to introduce play therapy by telling the child that they will be going to a safe place every week where they will meet their own special play friend.

The play friend will play with them in their own special play room. This room is filled with lots of fun toys where they can play, and feel safe and be who they are. You can let them know that their special play friend can help with their feelings all inside a fun and safe play room.

What do I tell my teen about counseling?

We think that for most teens and older kiddos, it can be a relief to see a counselor. Somebody who is not their parent/caregiver, teacher, or coach. A person who does not know them in any other way. Where they choose to be who they want to be.

As parents/caregivers you can encourage your teen by letting them know that the time with the counselor is completely their time and is confidential. That if they have anything on their mind, they can use the time with the counselor to share in their own time.

If your teen is resistant to counseling, we encourage you to be flexible and understanding of this as you are making them go to counseling. Perhaps you can offer them a compromise and ask them to commit to a few session (maybe 4/5 sessions) only, and see how they feel. Then they can get to decide to continue or not. In these few cases, we have found for teens to continue once they experience the relationship with the counselor.

What are the hours of business?

Monday -Thursday: 4 pm- 8pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: 10am- 1pm

Sunday: Closed

All major holidays: Closed

Who comes to the initial intake appointment?

Only the parents or caregivers. Not the child. This allows you to openly share your concerns with the therapist.

Do I need to bring any paperwork to the intake appointment?

Generally no, since all paperwork is sent, signed and stored electronically via a safe and secure HIPAA compliant site. We are trying to be green & paperless.

How much does therapy cost?

All intake and individual therapy sessions will be $115.

Group session will be $40/person per session.

Parents groups are currently free of charge to families of clients only.

What age group do you see?

Ages 3 yrs - teenage

We do not see adults.

Do you see adults?

No. We only see clients from 3 yrs to teenage.

Do you do group therapy?

Yes. Please refer to the “Groups and Classes” for an updated list of current groups that we are offering.

What happens if I need to miss an appointment or show up late?

A 24-hour notice is required for all cancellations. For all no-shows and late cancellations, your credit card on file will be charged the full rate.

We encourage for parents/ caregivers to bring their child 5-10 minutes before the appointment time. If you are going be late, please understand that the child will be not be seen for the full session time and may not get the full benefit. However, you will be charged for the full session rate.