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Namaste! Yoga and meditation for kids


Uzma has been in her personal yoga path for many years now. The power of yoga in her life and now in her family's life has been priceless and powerful.


The benefits of yoga are endless! Yoga not only makes your body stronger but more than that it cultivates your mind like a warrior. Yoga creates mental resiliency and the ability to be patient and determined. Yoga has helped our children tremendously in helping with their emotions. There are certain poses a kiddo can do to calm themselves and to feel confident and empowered.


As a trained yoga teacher through Purple Lotus Yoga, Uzma is YT 200 certified. Her passion is to integrate yoga with therapy. Teach kiddos the beautiful art and tool of yoga in different ways. Allow for kiddos to view therapy in a more integrative way— a way which works on the mind and the body.


Let’s gravitate to meditate!


Do you know that in yoga history that yoga was actually developed as a pre-requisite to practice meditation? It is beloved by many guru’s that in order to sit still in meditation, one had to release their body energy first. So yoga is the way in which yogi’s release their physical energy before they are able to sit still in meditation.


Meditation has become very popular now and many mental health programs have meditation as a core part of treatment. This simple practice has many benefits. Studies have shown meditation to reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation in the body, along with boosting our immune system, just to name a few. The emotional benefits are profound. Meditation promotes your mind to become more resilient to negative emotions, reduces anxiety, increases feelings of well being and euphoria.


Now schools are promoting meditation to our children, which is wonderful. In therapy, we like to teach and practice meditation with kiddos. We usually use guided imagery or story telling in meditation. This allows for the young mind to stay focused.


Again our goal here is to allow for kiddos to experience a more integrative approach to Counseling - where mind and body connect.

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