Teen Yoga group ages 11 “ish” and Up


YMMA - Yoga Meditation Movement Art


This group will explore meditation in many ways. At some point tweens/teens reduce the amount of play, rest and stillness time. Electronics mainly consume a lot of older kiddos. The over use of electronic devices really interrupts brain neural activity and thus impacts mood, sleep and increases low physical activity. 

This group will meditate regularly every session, while exploring aspects of yoga and creativity through art exercises. We will take mindful walks in nature together to promote movement, and feel grounded. 

This group will work on: 

  • Breath work and meditation. 

  • Learning different methods of breathing. 

  • Exploring walking meditation, partner meditation, group meditation in both silence and guided, chanting mantra meditation. 

  • Vinyasa yoga flows, restorative yoga, partner yoga. 

  • Art activities, both individual and group exercise will be utilized in most sessions as creative expression and to enhance processing in the group. 


This group fits: 

  • Tweens and Teens 11 years and Up 

  • Older youth who struggle with anxiety and depression. 

  • Older youth who seek movement and activity beyond just talk based therapy. 

  • Older youth who struggle with social anxiety and connecting with their peers. 

  • Older youth who are looking for a space to fit in and belong. 

Group format 


  • This will be a closed group which means we would like to keep to the same kids for the school year. This promotes consistency and trust building for the participants. 

  • This group will be held for the entire school year. 

  • This group will usually have a format of yoga and meditation, with art and movement based activities. 

  • This group will focus on creativity to encourage a young growing mind. 


Teaching and modeling to young minds; that they are capable, they are enough, and that they belong is the SOUL purpose and vision of this group. 

Yoga Schedule

Date: Every Tuesday (excluding school holidays)

Time: 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Cost:  $45/class