We Like to Color Outside the Lines !! 

Kids Belong Philosophy


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” - Benjamin Franklin


Uzma's bachelors degree in homeopathy, her work as a psychotherapist, her practice as both a yoga student and teacher, and more importantly, her own personal healing and growth have all revealed that the human body is not a separated system. By this she means that the mind is not separate from the body, the body organs do not function separate of one another. The entire body is an integrated system.


We encourage you to learn more about the mind-body connection. Allow yourself the gift of curiosity and to continue to ask questions. Build your village of members who you can go to for knowledge and support. Seek out good doctors, seek out good chiropractors, seek out nutritional experts, seek out good psychotherapists— people you can turn to who can help you integrate you and your families' health.


We truly have come to believe that healing comes from many avenues. As a psychotherapist, Uzma believes in the power of being resourceful in her work as a therapist but also integrating other avenues of healing such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness. In addition, integrating nutrition, aromatherapy, homeopathy, Reiki, all through experts we know in the community.

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