Play Therapy


The power of play — Play therapy (ages 3 - 12 years)


Play is a biological and innate developmental need that all children possess. A caregiver looks into the eyes of their baby and amuses it my making faces and fun sounds. The baby then begins it's natural journey into a childhood of living and learning through play as a medium to express and explore their world.


Using this premise, Play therapy was developed to support young children in therapy. Using the amazing world of toys, fantasy, and symbolism in play, all of which fit the child’s developmental stage. A child uses the specially selected and organized toys in the play room to be able to explore their inner emotional world and express it through the natural art of play. The trained play therapist creates an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, genuineness and trust, so that the child can feel safe and accepted by the therapist to explore the playroom.   


We first hand have seen children as young as 3 years be able to heal their emotional state through play therapy. As play fits the child’s developmental needs, they know exactly what to do in the play room. Being a person or child centered therapist, we fully believe in allowing the child to use their own wisdom in the playroom.


In our opinion, Play therapy is one of the most powerful forms of therapy.


In addition to us exploring the play room, we also are a big believer in using nature as a play medium. We like to encourage kiddos to go outside for nature walks, explore the world outside; play in fall leaves, swing at the local park and beach (Little Elm Park), which is all located close to our office.

We see all this as forms of therapeutic play and integrate it into our therapy approach with kiddos.


Our goal at Kids Belong is to always collaborate with you. We will have regular parent and family consultations. Communication is always transparent. While client confidentiality is a priority.