Parent Support / Family Work

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It takes a village!


At Kids Belong Counseling, we understand that parenting is hard work, joyful and scary! Uzma is also a parent trying to raise her family with her husband, and she knows the struggles and feels them with you.


Her role in working with you as parents and doing family work is to create a healthy atmosphere of love and compassion for you and your child.  She will be able to anchor you in times of stress, and to offer guidance and strategies. But her main goal is to understand your individual needs as a family and establish methods which work for you as parents. Remember, and you know this; there are never all fix-it formulas! We just have to be OK with walking through the process and seeking help as needed.

I hope to visit with you regularly for parenting support and feedback sessions. My goal is to always collaborate with you. Communication is always transparent, while client confidentiality is a priority.


"Parenting from the inside out" by Dr. Dan Siegel


Short 3 min Deeepak Chopra Meditation- Great for parents!