Teen Therapy


Adolescence is a time of great growth and development. Growth and development in very positive ways.


Your teen is learning to become more independent, and your teen is associating with peers of their age and stage in life more than they associate with you as parents. Their brain is undergoing huge construction in the emotional area. They are learning how to manage and cope with these changes, yet still feel capable to explore their self-identity with peers and seek acceptance in their social group.


I hope you see why teens can experience stress during this time and why you as parents and the family system can experience the daily roller coaster of raising teens.

At times your teen may struggle a lot and you see that your kiddo may need support and a place to feel belonging outside of the home. Also, your teen may say to you that “you don’t get me!” This may be a time for you to allow for space in your relationship by seeking the support your teen and you both need.

Counseling can be tremendous for teens. It can provide space where your teen feels comfortable and able to share and explore them self and their relationships.


I have worked with teens on different capacities for 15 years and find myself to be very much drawn to them. I understand that the teen brain is undergoing a lot and see the support they need.


My goal is to always collaborate with you. We will have regular parent and family consultations. Communication is always transparent, while client confidentiality is a priority.


Great book on the teenage brain: "Brainstorm..." by Dr Dan Siegel

DrDanSiegel_Brainstorm_Cover_Large 3D AT

Great short educational video on the “ESSENCE of adolescence” by Dr Dan Siegel