Yoga group ages 5 “ish” to 10 "ish"


Let's Go Play YOGA


Little kids have a natural ability to do Yoga. I have observed my kids watching television while upside down on the couch - well that’s a yoga inversion! Children’s bodies naturally gravitate to movement and stretching. 

This weekly therapeutic yoga group for little ones is designed to help build emotional, physical and spiritual resiliency. Teaching kiddos yoga poses, while building connections gently with their peers, can provide kids with so much encouragement, and build their inner warrior confidence and courage. 

This group will work on: 

  • Breath-work and playful guided meditations 

  • Walking meditation 

  • Yoga poses to build mental, physical and spiritual strength. 

  • Partner poses to encourage to work together 

  • Building social skills with their peers 

  • Arts and games will be intertwined to support the yoga practice and enhance learning through play. 


This group fits: 

  • Children ages 5 to 10 years 

  • Children who may struggle socially 

  • Children with anxiety 

  • Children who struggle with confidence and avoid or become defiant in their behaviors 

  • Children who need movement to learn and stay focused 

  • Children who struggle with keeping attention and concentration 

  • Children who are struggling with adjusting and need supportive environment to grow

  • Children who struggle in making and maintaining friendships 


Group format 

  • This will be a closed group which means we would like to keep to the same kids for the school year

  • This promotes consistency and trust building for the participants 

  • This group will be held for the entire school year 

  • This group will usually have a format of art based activity, with meditation, and yoga 

  • This group will be playful and creative to encourage a child’s unique creative ability in whatever that is



Teaching and modeling to young minds; that they are capable, they are enough, and that they belong is the SOUL purpose and vision of this group. 

Yoga Schedule

Date: Every Tuesday (excluding school holidays)

Time: 6 pm - 7 pm

Cost: $45/class