Group Therapy & Classes


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Kids Yoga group!

We will be hosting regular yoga group at Kids Belong Counseling. This will be a small therapeutic based yoga group around a topic of work such as anxiety reduction, increasing positive body image, busting STAAR test time stress!

It will be a short series yoga group. The class will be one hour long and usually will have an activity associated with the topic being explored, and then 30 to 35 minutes of yoga with poses related to the topic being explored.


Essence of oils, Nutrition and Homeopathy

We will be hosting, alongside my nutritional colleague, Tammy Schienke, an Integrative Nutrition Coach, a class for parents around nutrition.

We will host essential oil classes, and homeopathy. Both Uzma Janjua and Tammy are certified homeopaths. Uzma has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Homeopathy with a license to practice from the United Kingdom, and Tammy obtained her certification in the Practice of Homeopathy.


Kids Belong Counseling will strive to integrate health and healing through many avenues.

Parent Education group


Let’s learn and grow together - support and place of encouragement for parents and caregivers.

We will host a FREE of charge small parenting group weekly to parents of clients only. There will be a maximum of 5 parents who get to participate each week. An email will go out on Monday of every week— on a first come, first to sign up basis!

We want for Kids Belong to become a place of community and togetherness. We decided to offer a free group to parents as we are passionate about supporting our work and commitment to our children. As the saying goes “it takes a village!”